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Pathway social franchise manual

Pathway's mission is to improve the experience and health outcomes of people who are homeless in hospital. We work closely and collaboratively with local delivery partners to support them to do this in their hospital. Alongside our social franchise online manual, our support package includes direct access to a central Support Team and the benefits of belonging to our network. We also share best practice, develop resources, arrange peer visits and organise network events.

All elements of Pathway's social franchise programme, from the initial enquiry process to team set-up and development, are covered in the franchise operations manual. This online manual is a central part of the support package that we provide to all teams in our social franchise.

“You were there for me when I needed you”

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Below you can find more information on homelessness, how Pathway helps, and how you can get involved

Pathway logo including a green circle with a white symbol of a house


Paul Hamlin
Project Manager - Exploring Social Franchising and Licensing Project
M: 07983474025
Charity reg no. 1138741
Charity reg no. 1138741
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